Division of Cell Biology
Welcome to Cell Biology: we are a diverse and interdisciplinary division within the Department of Human Biology.
Cancer Biology
Scientists in the Division of Cell Biology are studying the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer with a view to developing novel treatment strategies.
Postgraduate Training
The Division of Cell Biology offers postgraduate research training for early-career scientists.
Cellular Neuroscience
Cellular neuroscientists in the Division of Cell Biology are exploring the properties of single brain cells in order to understand system-level phenomena relevant to brain function and dysfunction.
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
Scientists in the division are harnessing the unique power of stem cells to model disease.
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Welcome to the Division of Cell Biology. The Division is part of the Department of Human Biology within the Faculty of Health Sciences, at the University of Cape Town. The Division is focused on basic life sciences research, undergraduate teaching for medicine and biomedical sciences students, and the training of postgraduate students.